Bulldog News was founded in 1983 by Doug Campbell and Gloria Seborg.  "Where your neighborhood meets the world."

You can still run into them in the store, Doug dashing about as the store trouble shooter, able to do everything and anything with his years of experience.  You usually can chat with Gloria on weekend mornings.  In between her avid gardening and painting, she selects our fabulous card selection, your favorites from Nouvelle Images, Inkognito, Sierra Club, Urubbu, and others.  She also is always adding to our selection of local artists like Nikki McClure and Mimi Williams, Ed Newbold and those excellent cards from Great Dog publishing.  

Early in our history, we moved one block north to our current location at 4208 University Way NE.  The magazine and newspaper business has undergone many changes in the last 29 years, but we are always updating and adapting.   Gone are the days when newspapers came in the mail from around the world, but we now have a Print On Demand system that allows us to print today's paper today from over 1000 newspapers around the world.  Some countries are well represented (Australia, and the UK), some not so well represented.  Newspapers like Corriere della Sera no longer come a week late through the post, but we can print you any or all Corriere della Sera from the last week,  along with news from Lagos, Die Frankfurter Allgemeine, Le Monde, El Pais, Mainichi Shimbun and so many more. 
Magazines!  We have so many magazines, how do our news agents keep up with them!  Our staff has years of experience with magazines and print.  They love to hear about new magazines and journals, so please ask. 
We get magazines in every day of the week, Monday through Friday, and every week we get one or more totally new magazine titles that we've never seen before.  How many magazines do we get in?  On Tuesday, 72 titles came in.  On Monday 60 titles came in. On Friday, 90 titles came in.  Some are weekly, some are monthly, some only come once a year, or only one time.  We have over 1000 active titles at one time in the store, but we have over 2500 titles coming through the store every year.  We are always happy to give you our best guess as to when your favorite magazine is coming in, or you can arrange for us to call or email you when your magazine arrives.
Eight years ago, John (formerly Mr Broadway News) founded mymagstore.com, a way for you to find and buy that current issue of a magazine that just wasn't convenient to find where you were.  Our new website is inmatemags.com, designed for the specific needs of shipping magazines to prisoners.  


Our CAFE!  It started as just a quick way for people who wanted good espresso to go, but didn't want to wait to sit down in one of the Ave's cafes.  Hard as it may be to believe now, Seattle did not always have an espresso stand on every corner.  Our cafe has grown and evolved, we have tables in the cafe area and sandwiches from Le Fornil and pastries, but we still have our open air window to the Ave. You can also enjoy the outdoor seating in the public Parklet graciously provided by the city.

We have a few pictures on Flickr, and so do other people.  We have a Bulldog News facebook page, a new Bulldog News pinterest page, and we talk about twitter... We are always adding something new.